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Corporate Online Banking (Advanced)

With the help of CCB online banking, corporate finance will be a piece of cake! Advanced Version of Corporate On-line Banking provides services such as account information inquiry, fund  transfer, and authorization management of the accountants.


I Account Access----Monitor fund use at any time

1access balances in its deposit accounts;

2access transaction records in its deposit accounts;

3Download account details to conduct financial analyses.


II Fund Tansfer----CCB services you wherever you are

1Automatic Payment: Clients can transfer funds from a contract account of CCB to any account of commercial banks;

2Automatic Collection: Clients with the authorization granted by the connected party can automatically collect funds of other corporate clients of CCB domestic branches;

3CCB enables a real-time fund settlement between CCB accounts;

4CCB enables On-line Paying Salaries according to organizations’ payrolls;

5CCB enables B2B e-commerce and builds up on-line shopping mall.


III Fund Management----Strong Wealth Management Functions

1Monitor subsidiaries accounts in a real-time base;

2Automatically collect funds of subsidiaries accounts on a basis of a regular period, a certain amount or balance, etc.;

3Establish payment dates in advance for accounts owned by himself or herself;

4Build up an on-line settlement center for corporate clients via corporate wealth management function.


IV Internal Control in Finance---Your good assistant!

1Different positions and duties for different financial managers according to their specified responsibilities;

2Account transfer procedures controls for different credit lines;

3Establishment of an on-line settlement center for corporate clients via corporate wealth management function;


V Easy and Fast---More comfortable and convenient design

1Produce documents and verify them according to a list;

2Schedule transactions in advance within 7 business days and set up repeated frequencies;

3Provide 24-hour services a day;

4Offer client’s terminal software to support the production of documents off the line and other personalized service functions;

5Provide system-linking function for customers to access the bank account via their own finance software.