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Important Notes:

Recently, some criminals have frequently delivered messages to cardholders in the name of CCB or UnionPay in terms of winning an award or freezing fund, by means of short message, telephone or email, so that they can get cardholders card number and password to stealing money.   

CCB hereby solemnly declares that CCB ever and never under any circumstances requests on your password via short message, telephone or email. If you receiving such short messages, calling or email, please directly dial CCB’s exclusive hotline 95533 to confirm such messages, and do not dial other telephone numbers.



When you set up online banking passwords including log-in password and transaction password of online banking, it is a very important and secure way for you to select a high-intense and not easily guessed password. When you set up password, please note the following points:

1Do not set up a simple password, please set up a password in line with CCBs password security rules :

1Please do not set the same numbers and letters as your password, e.g. 000000,111111, aaaaaa, bbbbbb.

2Please do not set such passwords as continuous sequence of numbers or letters, e.g. 123456, 987654, abcdef, or fedcba.

3Please do not set such passwords as the sequence of letters on the computer keyboard, e.g. asdfgh, qwerty or zxcvbn.

4Please do not set passwords the same as your bankcard number, account number, ID number, telephone number or cell phone number.

5Please do not set the 6 or 8 digits of your birthday date including the year, month and day as your password. 

The above-mentioned passwords are defined as simple passwords. Since the code is relatively simple and easy to be guessed as well as decoded by hackers, so CCB requires individual customers not to set up passwords like the above mentioned.

2Do not use such passwords that are easily guessed as your name, telephone number, license number, e-mail or QQ  number as your online banking password.

3Change your passwords regularly. Use different account password, log-in password and transaction password of online banking. Multiple different passwords can be more effectively protect the safety of your financial accounts.

4In any case, protect your account number and password from disclosing to other persons. Do not give your account number and password to other persons even if someone asks related information in the name of the bank via e-mail, short message, or phone. If there is any doubt, contact us immediately by calling 95533.


Computer Security

To use online banking in a secure way, please pay attention to protecting your computer, avoiding being attacked by hackers or virus. Would you please do the following protective measures:

1To install a firewall system on your computer and update it in time, and ensure the effectiveness of your firewall system when you logging onto internet.

2To install anti-virus software, and regularly update it and use the software to kill or delete viruses carried on your e-mails or any documents.

3To update the latest system and browser patch in time.


Online Banking Security

In the process of using online banking services, please develop a good habit about the usage of online banking. Please pay attention to avoiding potential safety problems including the man-made factors.

In order to safely use the bank's online banking, please attach your importance to the following areas:

1CCB website is Add this website to your Favorite of computer, log onto this website through your Favorite to ensure the correctness of the address, in order to prevent stealers from filch your information by connecting the linkage of the website to illegal ones;

2Please set up a secure online banking password and periodically change it;

3Do not reveal your password to anyone, including any bank's staff who will not ask you to tell your passwords;

4Do not disclose your passwords or information even if the "phising" email asking you to provide your account information and passwords. CCB will not require you to provide information by e-mail;

5Please set up the fake certification information to prevent from logging onto illegal website; or install privacy protection questions that require you to answer some questions you set when logging onto website. In this way, you may enhance the security of online banking;

6Please use the service of account protection to prevent others from accessing your accounts information;

7If you do not use your online banking for a long period of time, please suspend the  function of the online banking in the security set-up system.

8Guarantee the security of your compute. Please regularly download and install the latest operating system and browser security procedures or patch, install personal firewalls and anti-virus software, and update anti-virus software in time. Please develop a habit of periodically updating anti-virus software and killing viruses, so that you can prevent new viruses from infecting your computer in an effective manner;

9Do not log on online banking by using public computers, such as computers in internet pubs;

10After you install the certificate and use it on other persons computer, please delete that certificate at once.