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Business Summary


In March 1998, approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the People's Bank of China, the China Construction Bank (CCB) became the second domestic custodian bank in China with the qualification to provide securities investment fund custody business. In May, CCB head office formally set up the fund custody department. In December 2006, according to the needs of development, CCB Custody and Fund Department officially renamed Custody and Investor Services Department of China Construction Bank, conducting business operation and management of CCB’s investment custody services, the centralized management of the securities investment custody service and the fulfillment of the responsibilities of securities investment fund custody.


Approved and/or acknowledged by the supervisory department, CCB is one of the custodian banks with the most comprehensive varieties of services, including custody services of securities investment fund, QFII(Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors), QDII(Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors), social security funds, enterprise annuity funds, entrusted assets, trusted assets, insurance assets, securities companies entrusted with the investment of assets, basic pension insurance individual accounts funds custody, industry investment fund and housing provident funds.


CCB provides the following custody services:

(1) Securities trusteeship custody and services: opening accounts, asset custody, transactions delivery, fund settlement, accounting, assets evaluation, investment supervision, information disclosure, custody reports, corporate services, tax services and cash management.

(2) Non-securities trusteeship custody and services: opening accounts, asset custody, fund remittance and transfer, accounting, investment supervision, information disclosure, custody reports, tax services, assessment survey and cash management.


CCB has its sub-divisions of fund custody in the four branches of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Liaoning.


By the end of 2007, the total net assets under custody by CCB reached 928.243 billion RMB, representing a growth of 249.98 percent over a year. Among them, the total net value of investment fund under custody reached 721.679 billion RMB, increased 275.19% than that of the previous year. The net market ratio of custody fund ranked the second in the banking industry. The custody services of QDII, QFII, insurance assets and corporate annuity funds maintain stable growth.



Fund market division:

Zhou Li       Telephone:   01067595037

              Wang Hui      Telephone:  01067595040

              Fax:  01066275830


Asset custody division

             Wei Dong      Telephone:  01067595013

             Li Shi         Telephone:01067595018

             Fax:  01066275830


QFII Custody Division

             Hu Bofei       Telephone: 01067595028

             Liu Zhaojie     Telephone: 01067595033

             Fax:  01066275830